Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid students carry a simulated patient out of the woods. Photo: Max Dodge

If you ever hike, climb, paddle, peddle, slide, trek or just want to be safer when you are far from help…then a Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course is for you.  it is the most popular wild medicine course in the world.  The WFA offers, in just 16 hours, how to recognize, treat and sometimes, prevent, the most common problems folks encounter in wild places.  Not only will you learn what to do for an injury or illness, the important part is how to do it in a remote setting with improvised materials!  Our WFA covers the challenges of wild response and rescue, patient assessment, opening airways, stopping bleeds, treating shock, long-term wound care, and infection care and blisters,  How to handle sprains and fractures, hypothermia, frostbite, heat injuries, medical emergencies, and more.  This course will change the way you approach outdoor adventures, building the confidence to act when someone is in need.  Follows Wilderness Medical Society Guidelines and nationally recognized certification  16 hours, usually over two days.