Save Somebody™

Clearing storm on Mt. Washington. Photo by Bill Kane

Learn From Those Who Have Done What They Teach.

The Kane Schools is the “oldest” new school in wilderness medicine. Though founded in 2013, TKS instructors have been teaching rescue medicine for well over 40 years.  Founder Bill Kane began teaching water rescue and life-guarding in the early 1970s, then as a young climber with an EMS education began rescuing folks from the mountains and wild-lands of New England. He was part of the founding, curriculum development, and growth of the three largest and best-known schools of wilderness and rescue medicine in the world today.

Wilderness EMT students learn to improvise a litter. Photo: Max Dodge


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In teaching people to rescue others, the key is proven principles, based on evidence and experience.  Our students learn from people who have done what they teach.  Experiential education is best when students have the ability to practice critical thinking, come up with creative solutions, and develop  “muscle memory”, in the relative safety of the “classroom”.  Our goal is to give the student a realistic educational experience that only not informs, but challenges, entertains, prepares, and empowers them to act when someone is in need…to be ready when it is their time to, Save Somebody™.

What Is Wild & Rescue Medicine?

Wild and Rescue Medicine is the simple process of getting to people who are stuck in a place where they can’t stay, can’t leave without help, and getting them out, as quickly and safely as possible. Along the way, we find out about their injuries and illnesses and do our best to take care of them. Simple is not always easy.

“Nobody has taught Wilderness Medicine to more people than Bill Kane. He is one of the most accomplished, entertaining, experienced, and engaging educators I’ve ever known. Not many educators can hold my attention for 48 hours…but Bill can!”

Jon Politis, MPA, NRP

“I’ve known Bill Kane for close to 40 years.  His primary role in my life was as an instructor at SOLO.  His knowledge of wilderness medicine, his rescue work, and his climbing background were well integrated in these trainings.  He provided me with a great foundation and ability to assess and treat injuries and illnesses in the wilderness.”

Jed Williamson, WEMT

“Throughout my recent Wilderness First Responder course with Bill Kane, I found him to maintain the highest standards of mentoring. His control of the subject matter was extraordinary and his instruction was thorough, precise, and exhaustive.  He expected from his students, and demonstrated, the highest standards of interpersonal behavior.

Mike Jewell, Professional Mountain Guide