Wild Readiness & Response

Wild Readiness and Response (WRR) is a new idea!  This one day program is designed to help folks learn how NOT to have big problems during wilderness adventures rather than just how to handle them when they do!  Most bad things that happen to people in remote places are predictable and, to a great extent, preventable.  The WRR begins with the problems/accidents that typically occur, temperature’s impact, how to prevent bad things from happening, and a simple list of the gear you should always have.  The second part prepares folks to handle the usual things that may still occur whether it’s a short day hike, or a week-long trek.  Learn how to find out what’s wrong, treat problems of heat, cold, underfed, stop bleeds, clean and dress wounds, prevent and treat blisters and burns, handle sprains, broken writs, and much more.  This is the best investment of time you can make, if you want to be safer and better prepared for a trip into the wild.   8 hours, usually one day or 2-3 evenings.