EMT & AEMT NCCP Refresher

An FDNY ambulance awaiting a call in New York City. Photo: Petr Kratochvil

This EMT Refresher offers 20 hours of NCCP National curriculum topics.  The course content is focused on knowledge of A & P, homeostasis, cellular metabolism, and pharmacology connecting to increased use of medications.  Advanced airway skills, fluid access review, and other ALS skills, as well as Team Resuscitation and Assessment techniques, are covered.

This course uses short cognitive talks with multiple skill sessions and scenarios to keep the learning process moving. Relevant updates on new skills, tools, and research, and medicine.

The course focus is directly based on preparing the candidates to function confidently under the new National Standards.  This course will give the EMT 20 hours of continuing education.  Total length: 20 hours.

Upcoming Classes

NREMT NCCP (EMT & AEMT) Refresher – Fryeburg, ME @ Fryeburg Rescue
Nov 3 – Nov 4 all-day
NREMT NCCP (EMT & AEMT) Refresher - Fryeburg, ME @ Fryeburg Rescue
Our NREMT National Core Competency Program is recertifying both the EMT and AEMT. We’ll start with online lessons for both levels and review topics in class. Everyone will be expected to be in class for the allotted time. The first class will be Friday evening from 5-10 pm, and the following will be from 8 am till 3 pm, and AEMT will be in class until 7 pm. Tuition: EMT %150, AEMT $195 Days & Hours: Friday, 11/3, 5-10 pm. Saturday, 11/4, 8 am – 3 pm (EMT) and 7 pm (AEMT) Click here to register!