OEC to EMT Course

Volunteer Nordic Patrol members participating in a toboggan rescue drill from Mazama Ridge. NPS Photo

We created this course in 2015, after numerous requests from OEC Techs (ski patrol techs) and ski patrol directors.  To provide a course that would both recognize the excellent trauma and rescue skills of the certified patroller and build an EMT on that foundation by filling the gaps of the OEC course until they meet the required National EMT content.  The curriculum focuses on a deeper understanding of Anatomy & Physiology, Pathophysiology,  Medical Emergencies,  urban rescue, ambulance operations, HazMat, MCI/Triage, and much more.   After the pilot program, we have spread out the course content over four weekends, over about 5-6 weeks.  This creates a more reasonable pace over the 90+ hours of the course, which includes take-home quizzes, clinical experiences, and on-line lessons.  This course allows the certified OEC Technician to become an EMT in about half the time and about a third of the usual course cost.  This course is designed to prepare the student for the National Registry Exams and National certification. 80+ hrs., Sat/Sun, over 4 weekends.