Emergency Medical Responder

EMT students transfer the stabilized patient during an Emergency Simulation. Photo COD Newsroom/Flickr

The Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), is the new level of first responder, with greater depth of understanding about how people get sick and injured and greater skill capabilities and expectations.  The EMR is the medical training level designed for the firefighter or police officer to work at the scene prior to EMS arrival and as the entry-level for an EMS provider who wants to work at the scene and then into the truck.  Students learn how to approach the scene, assess the patient, and provide appropriate immediate care like opening airways, ventilation and oxygen administration, stopping bleeds, stabilization fractures, caring for heart attacks, diabetic emergencies, and more.  As experiential educators, we teach both how to be first on scene and then work as a team with arriving personnel…EMS, Fire, and Police using the lecture to set up skill labs, scenarios, and mock rescues. 

All courses are taught under the new National EMS Education Standards and to the National Scope of Practice Standards.  Students are prepared for the National Registry of EMTs practical and computer-based-exams (CBT).  48-60 hours, various schedules are possible.

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