Hybrid Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) North Conway, NH

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September 6, 2021 – November 18, 2021 all-day
North Conway Fire/EMS
Norcross Circle
No. Conway
NH 03860
The Kane Schools
207 935 2608
Hybrid Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) North Conway, NH @ North Conway Fire/EMS

Dates: September 6 to November 13, 2021, Tues/Thurs, 5:30-10:00 & 4 Weekend All Day.

Location: North Conway Fire/Rescue, Norcross Circle, No. Conway, NH 03860

Course cost includes TKS EMT manual, lab fees, AAOS EMT 12th edition textbook, AHA BLS CPR Certification, clinical liability policy, teaching supplies, etc.

Our EMT is the comprehensive, evidence-based, emergency medicine course that prepares the student to handle the assessment, treatment, and transport of injury and illness encountered in the 911 system and more.

We have developed an integrated Hybrid structure using Online lessons to build knowledge and depth, Zoom Classes for quizzing and review and this allows class time to focus on skills and scenarios. You’ll be taught everything it takes to provide assessment and care with the tools of the trade for treating both trauma and medical problems. Learn how to handle life the threats of airway, respiratory, and circulatory problems, stop bleeds, wound care, fractures, head/spine injury, torso trauma, cold/heat injuries, bites, heart attacks, diabetic emergencies, strokes, ambulance operations, HazMat scenes, and much more.  Our courses are taught by people who have done what they teach.  All students spend time working in clinical settings at hospitals, and ambulances. You will be in an active, dynamic experiential process of lecture, skill labs, scenarios, mock drills, and team-building, all crafted to create the confidence to act when someone is in need.

This new structure allows us to move more quickly without rushing because the Online lessons are done at home as are the Zoom classes, so you don’t have to drive to class for 3-4 months.

This is an NHBEMS approved course, when complete students will be qualified for the National Registry (NR) EMT computer-based and practical exams giving them the NREMT Certification.  The NREMT certification is recognized in ME, NH, VT, and most of the US.

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